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Day 09

Today was pretty similar to other days, in that I’m still working on the same project.  After getting the first half of it working fine yesterday, it turns out that I also need to change the application which the second half uses.  This means that I have gone from using two applications originally, to two completely different ones.  Even though it still does the same thing (though not accurately enough before), it now does it a completely different way.

I decided it would be a good idea to go through and delete all of the code that I was no longer using, which made me kind of sad, as nobody would get to see the hard work I put in, but it’s all part of life and the rate at which I have been learning means the newer code is more than likely better.

I am now pretty comfortable with the system I have been using, and adding new features is pretty quick for me.  The rate at which they kept changing their mind about what application I should be using encouraged me to modularise as much as possible so that my class ended up as more of a framework (as it should be) for applications to be supported.

The second half of the application took me a while to implement, made more difficult by the fact that I had to learn yet another SQL-like syntax to query the application.  After finally getting the information I wanted, I was told that, yet again, this would not quite do what they wanted because the data was again unreliable.  So after spending most of the day trying to fix the problems, it was back to square one yet again.

Luckily it didn’t take me long to implement a new fix, as there was a parameter in the SQL that I had overlooked, which I simply queried with the array returned from the first half.

I finished just in time for the meeting where we would decide if the development process should be changed.  All in all it was a pretty long meeting, because many of the people had to  filled in on why the discussion was taking place, and what exactly the change was needed for.  Once people were clued in, nobody could really see a way around it, after much debate, and so it was decided that the development process would have to change in order to allow the data I needed to be more reliable.

It is strange to know that, after only being there for just over a week, have already contributed to changing their development process, and so therefore had an impact on the company.

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Day 08

Today was a strange day because most of the people who had been away for the past week came back.  It was odd to have to meet new people, but at last I could finally meet my supervisor.  I managed to fix the errors which I created before I left Friday, and subsequently didn’t bother to fix because it was the weekend, which meant that I could now support even more applications.

Due to the fact that people had returned from holiday, they had to be clued up on what had happened since they were gone, especially my supervisor, who needed to know what I had been doing.  This sparked another debate about the development process which lasted pretty much the entire morning once again.

At lunch time, we went back to the Mexican place, this time I ordered enchiladas as the Burrito was far too much effort.  The enchiladas proved even more disappointing, as they were still open and trying to eat them without the filling going everywhere was impossible.  I ended up just picking the filling out with a fork and eating it.

After lunch, I asked them what I should do, and they said just carry on on the assumption that this issue with the development process will be resolved, because they don’t really have much else for me to do at this time.  There was still some stuff I needed to do with the project regardless of the development issue, so I decided to focus my time on that.

Yet again, by the end of the day I had got the project set up with another application, getting the information I needed, and would be ready to integrate it with a fourth tomorrow.

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Day 07

Today was a pretty eventful day.  I decided to lay in a bit late, so didn’t really get a great deal done in the morning, mostly I decided that I had earned a bit of time to myself to play the XBox and listen to music loudly (something I hadn’t indulged myself in yet).  Just after midday, I decided to go and meet my flatmates in London to have a drink.

They showed me around the areas nearby and anything they thought might be interesting to me.  We took a walk through brick lane, where they told me there were plenty of good bars.  There were a lot of art exhibitions and the like about, and as it was the weekend there was a pretty interesting market.

There were a lot of shops at the market selling strange old antiques and weird objects, some of which I might have been more inclined to buy had I not been in the company of other humans.

After we were finished with the market, we walked around for a while deciding on somewhere to stop for a drink.  We stayed quite late drinking (which I probably shouldn’t be doing on a Sunday my first week) but it was nice to get to know my flatmates that much better.

When I got back, one of my flatmates and I decided to stay up for a bit longer.  I heard shouting coming from next door, and he informed me that it happens a lot, but he had seen the man with his children outside and he seemed like a nice guy.  We were in the middle of discussing how it’s hard to know what to do in these situations, because you don’t want to ignore them, when we heard a loud banging.

At this point without thinking we put our coats on and went to knock on his door.

We were greeted by a large Muslim man wearing flip-flops and shorts (its about 12:00 by this point, and nether sunny nor warm).  My flatmate tries to lure him outside with the promise of a cigarette to calm him down, while he continues to shout at his presumed wife, telling her she needs to clean her face.  We convince him to leave the flat, and the woman immediately shuts the door and locks it.  He proceeds to tell us about how she has been breastfeeding her baby whilst drunk, and then gets a smashed phone out of his pocket, saying “look what she did!”.

My flatmate calmly tells him, “You can’t be losing your temper like that” and the man responds by saying he would “Never lay a hand on her” which leads me to question what the loud noises were.  We talk with him for a while, he tells us how the woman is just his girlfriend, but he has another wife elsewhere, and that she has just converted to Islam and so shouldn’t be drinking alcohol at all, let alone breastfeeding on it.  This is clearly a disgusting man.

After talking for a while, we tell him that, in future he needs to stay calm, and that we are just next door if he needs anything.  I wonder if we did the right thing, but I worry that calling the police can escalate things and make it worse.  We saw the woman, and she didn’t have any bruises on her (that we could see) so perhaps he was telling the truth.  Either way, if we hear anything more from them, it probably will be the police going round next, not me.

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Just thought I would upload some pictures of some of the facilities where I work, because why not?

Two kitchens on every floor, with a seating area.  As well as a cafeteria downstairs with a ping pong table.

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Day 06

Last night I went out for a drink with my dad after work, so I was partially intoxicated when I wrote that post, but hopefully it doesn’t come across too much.

It was nice to see my father, and I saw a bit of a different side to him from talking to other employees that work for him, in a good way.  I think my first week of work has been a very good experience, and although the project I have been working on might not be used, I have still learnt a lot and hopefully shown them what I am capable of.

Today I went home to Colchester to pick up a few things, and surprisingly found a return ticket for only £15, bargain!  Unfortunately my fast train (usually there are a few stops between London and Colchester, but not this time) was slowed down due to ‘a vulnerable person’ being on the track.  I’m still trying to figure out what that means, surely being on a train track alone makes you ‘vulnerable’ but I take it to mean someone mentally unstable.  Of course, why else would you be on a train track?  Luckily my train managed to perform an emergency stop before hitting the poor individual.

Whoever you are, I’m sorry your life has reached that point, I hope you get the support you need to make your life what you want.

My visit home was very sort lived, simply picking up a few things and then coming straight back to London.  Not really a very exciting first Saturday in London, though I didn’t even spend most of the day here.

Hopefully tomorrow I will go out and get some drinks with my flatmates and get to know them a bit, and also discover where is good to go out around here.

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Day 05

I started off the day on a very positive note.  I thought that I would be able to finish the project I have been working on for the last week, and have something working to show my manager on Monday.

Unfortunately, after struggling to get it to work all day, it turned out that it might not be possible to accomplish what I wanted with the current design process.  This means that either the code I have been working on all week needs to be scrapped, or the entire department needs to change their development process.  They said they will have a meeting on Monday to decide what to do.

On a positive note I am feeling a lot more like a member of the team, and a lot more comfortable getting things done and talking to people about what needs to be done.  Also, I have developed a greater understanding of the systems in place, and what they do and how to use them.

At lunch time today I went down to the cafeteria and talked to a colleague about where to take my project next, the resulting conversation sparked a debate that lasted throughout the department for the rest of the day.

I think the week has been very good and I ave learned a lot, but will be very disappointed if the code I have written goes unused.

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